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Board of Directors
Chairman of the Board
Bob Buscher

Julie Siebler
Kris Sulentic
Lori Hook
Noelle Buscher
Veterinary Advisors to the Board
Rockbrook Animal Clinic
Omaha, Nebraska
   Dr Martin Ramm, DVM
   Dr Susan Kyle, DVM
   Dr Matt Vipond, DVM

Nebraska Dachshund Rescue was formed in the fall of 2007 by several dachshund lovers who were part of a dachshund-only play group. The group would be informed about dachshunds in kill-shelters, dachshunds being surrendered by families, dachshunds that were 'free' on craigslist, dachshunds retiring from puppy mills, etc... There was not a dachshund breed-specific local rescue group to help find homes for some wonderful little dogs who deserved a second chance at life.

Nebraska Dachshund Rescue is a 501(c)(3) non-profit AVO (All Volunteer Organization) dedicated to saving dachshunds. The dachshunds in need can come from a variety of different situations, such as; animal shelters, owner surrenders, puppy mill throw-aways, strays, etc... NDR does not discriminate based on age, size, health, or any other reason. Our goal for each and every dachshund is to be placed in a safe, loving forever-family. Until that goal is reached, they live with a foster family, who will love them ‘as one of their own’. Any needed vet care is provided and paid for by NDR during the interim between surrender and adoption. Vet care can range from minor needs, such as special needs, such as ‘back surgery’....and every dog that is placed in a forever home will also be spayed or neutered before they leave our care.

NDR does not have a shelter. We rely on a network of foster families to take in a new dog. While the new dog is with the foster family, they will receive their vetting. The foster family also assesses the new dog so that it can be placed properly. This assessment includes temperament, social skills with other pets, potty training progress, personality, etc... Without our wonderful foster families, NDR would not be able to ‘stay in business’!
Foster families are ALWAYS needed!

NDR is dedicated to:

• Helping abandoned, surrendered, abused, neglected dachshunds and dachshund mixes.

• Providing a safe loving foster home and providing necessary rehabilitation to be adopted to a forever home.

• Educating owners and public on responsible pet ownership.

• Finding a forever home to dachshunds and any animal in need.

• Rescuing and socializing abandoned, neglected, abused, orphaned and/or surrendered dachshunds and dachshund mixes by providing temporary safe shelter and medical/dental treatments as needed.

• Procuring temporary foster homes and permanent new homes for rescued dachshunds that will provide a safe and nurturing home environment.

• Ensuring no dachshund shall be adopted for the purposes of breeding or scientific/medical experimentation.

• Providing education to the public on the dachshund breed, puppy mills, and responsible pet guardianship including, but not limited to, humane animal care and spay/neuter practices.

• Displaying courtesy, respect and fellowship toward all volunteers in appreciation of services and support rendered to dachshund rescue and to promoting enhanced teamwork among all rescuers.

NDR Mission:

• To help dachshunds-in-need find a forever home

• To educate the public on the option of rescue over buying from a pet store.

• And most important, responsible pet ownership, which includes training, micro-chipping and spay/neuter.

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